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Recently completed a fascinating project for a major global learning and development business, which culminated in the delivery of a "Strategy for Growth" blueprint and detailed specifications for an integrated marketing strategy and supporting creative briefs.

The Chairman wrote: "imageshaper was engaged to work with us to help us develop and effective global marketing strategy. Simon's extensive experience in marketing combined with his astute business acumen has helped our executive team rethink, not only our marketing strategy, but also our business strategy.

His determination and focus has been invaluable to help OnTrack International position itself as one of the leading suppliers to help organisations optimise the performance of their people."

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imageshaper we design and build marketing strategies to reinforce your brand and communicate the unique value of your business, product or service. We'll help you define and deliver an exceptional customer experience that will promote the distinctiveness of your business, using integrated marketing techniques across all offline and online communication channels. The point of marketing is to replace that short-range thinking with a more coherent company-wide focus.

Communicating through a single media doesn't work anymore! It's critical to constantly reinforce your brand promise across all media to deliver the most consistent and effective brand experience.

To set this strategy in motion, we need to take an objective and holistic look at your existing or new business, in order to articulate clear and precise USP's.

Once we've done this, we can:

  • create a dynamic and usable customer-focused website more >>
  • create effective experience-based marketing materials more >>
  • develop an identity that creates brand loyalty more >>
  • align your marketing strategy with your business plan more >>

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imageshaper can tailor a more individual solution for private clients, entrepreneurs, authors and artists.

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