imageshaper is uniquely positioned to support this process, as we believe that organization is the central foundation for strategy formation and implementation. It’s our business-focused organisational skills that set us apart.

We customise our approach to each client’s needs, enabling us to identify and leverage the true strengths of your organisation.

Past experience reveals that by doing this, errors are caught early and conflicts are resolved before they become major issues.

Strategic Visioning Workshop • Part 1 - Defining the Strategic Vision

This highly interactive strategic visioning workshop helps clients create a defined brand strategy, one that has real perceived value to your target audience and key stakeholders. By defining your brand voice upfront, it will set the stage for all your creative communications to develop lasting relationships with your audience.

Whether you’re a high-growth business (SME) or a start-up, strategy is the means by which you can define precisely "who" and "what" you are, what you offer, and most importantly - your competitive advantage. Part of the process is then to create a customised marketing and communications strategy for each of your target markets.

This collaborative Strategic Visioning workshop is tailored to each specific client requirement, but it sets out to:

  • Define your overall business goals to form an action-orientated strategic blueprint.
  • Define your USP and how it may need to adapt for tomorrow, so it becomes organic, adapts to market changes, but most importantly – one that's customer-focused.
  • Define with clarity and simplicity “what you do best” (core competencies) within your desired target markets, and your value proposition which helps to define your competitive advantage.
  • Define the distinctive qualities and characteristics of the organisation. This drives the creation of your brand voice and influences all future marketing and communications.
  • Identify obstacles that prevent forward movement (internally and externally) to ensure there is alignment and buy-in from key stakeholders.
  • Articulate your: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Problem
  • Conduct a competitive overview – who’s leading the pack?
  • Develop an action plan with clear roles and responsibilities. This becomes the strategic blueprint for your future - the future YOU want to see!
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There's some useful added-value 
bonuses, such as:

  • Business process improvements
    are often discovered.
  • Internal alignment and personal relationships are strengthened.
  • Enables you to concentrate on your business, so it becomes more profitable, attracting quality clients, and prospective employees.

"imageshaper was engaged to work with us to help us develop and effective global marketing strategy. Simon's extensive experience in marketing combined with his astute business acumen has helped our executive team rethink, not only our marketing strategy, but also our business strategy.

His determination and focus has been invaluable to help OnTrack International position itself as one of the leading suppliers to help organisations optimise the performance of their people."

The Chairman

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