imageshaper is uniquely positioned to support this process. We believe that
a structured, logical and organisational approach is essential to implement a successful business strategy.

Our well-honed skills enable us to be highly organised, process driven, and customer focused.

Past experience reveals that by doing this, errors are caught early and conflicts are resolved before they become issues.


Strategic Visioning Workshop • Part 2

Delivering Organisational Change

The second part of this dynamic workshop accelerates the development of the Strategic Blueprint created during the Strategic Visioning workshop. Taking your vision of the future for your organisation, together we will define the key transformational objectives necessary for success and build a framework for the delivery of your required outcomes.

Increasingly the Managing Directors role in leading a business or organisation through change and growth finds greater emphasis being placed on corporate awareness and  social responsibility. Both customers, staff and shareholders require more and more information and expect their views to be heard. This places new demands on today’s business leaders as they build for the future.

The right approach during the early stages of transition is crucial. Without the full consideration of risks, benefits, stakeholder needs, cultural impacts and resources required, transformation programmes can fail to deliver the required results.

Working with a range of practical tools and techniques this workshop will help you to prepare your business to face its strategic challenges. You will:

  • Explore and learn why many transformation strategies fail to deliver the desired outcomes
  • Define the eight key steps to securing effective change for your business
  • Establish your key transformational objectives
  • Outline the benefits to be realized
  • Identify the critical stakeholders for your programme and develop strategies to engage with meaning
  • Align the business change requirements with your values and those of your management team, employees, and stakeholders
  • Plan for the impact on the existing business culture and operations
  • Define the projects necessary for delivery and consider resource issues
  • Consolidate your change management approach and develop personal support mechanisms.

Having completed this, you will have a framework from which to build your transformation.

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There's some useful added-value 
bonuses, such as:

  • Greater clarity regarding future business needs

  • A clearer understanding of your stakeholder needs

  • Improved focus on business culture

  • Increased ability to deliver on a
    day to day basis whilst undergoing change.

Benefits of the workshop

At the end of this workshop, you'll walk away with:

  • A framework through which both
    you and your business can adapt
    with confidence and build a secure future for all

  • The key transformational objectives that will drive business efficiencies and improvements

  • A structure for delivery that encompasses the critical elements of successful transformation.

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