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About imageshaper

imageshaper was created for small businesses (SME's) and individuals who need help to realise their potential. imageshaper delivers an unusual mix of strategy + marketing + branding.

As part of the strategic thinking phase, we work in collaboration with you to define and clarify your core values, to ensure they are focused on attracting new and retaining existing customers. We take a critical look at the whole customer experience, to ensure that it differentiates your brand and delivers on it's promise at every tangible level. We also assess your products or services to ensure they are meeting the needs of your target market, so that your keep up-to-date with the needs and trends of your market. If it's timely to revisit your business objectives, we can facilitate a Strategic Visioning workshop. Often, the value gained by revisiting your mission statement, and getting a clear PRAM (Precise - Realistic - Achievable - Measurable) Marketing Plan, which breaks down each initiative into mini-strategies can deliver significant results.

Creating a strong brand can be one of the greatest challenges for any business, as your brand will permeate throughout your entire business, both externally and internally, consciously and on a more emotional level. We develop integrated marketing and communication strategies using online channels such as: Internet marketing, email campaigns, as well as the more traditional offline channels to communicate with the end-user (consumer) and key target audiences, to build brand loyalty, customer empathy and increase revenue streams.

Why we call ourselves imageshaper

Everything you are and everything you do, should be molded around a recognisable and memorable brand. We have been delivering integrated communications for over 25 years, and have consistently set out to shape the right image, for the right market, at the right time. It's about blending experience with insight so the end product just feels right.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on a sound approach, as well as over 30 years of experience:

  • Build the product that meets the needs of your existing and potential customers.
  • Choose the best places to sell as well as the best channels.
  • Promote the product effectively so that you can measure the results.
  • Create an experience that's second to none!

Our principles

  • We work closely with each client to develop relationships, based on mutual trust and respect to establish confidence.
  • We customise every project plan to meet your objectives.
  • We work at a speed that suits you, so you don't feel pressured, overwhelmed or rushed.
  • We work within your budget limitations, but always keep an eye on the bigger picture for further opportunities.
  • We only bring in other like-minded professionals of the highest caliber, who we've successfully worked with before.
  • Finally, we like to think out of the box!

Brief background facts

  • 30+ years experience principally in strategic marketing, information design,
    event planning, websites, corporate ID, and integrated communications.
  • Extensive writing and editing experience., including editing 6 books for a major US based author, and self-published local history book.
  • Event management expertise in seminars, workshops, and managing large scale public speaking events.
  • Sound financial planning, having managed a number of successful profitable businesses.


Client Testimonials

My business partner and I consulted Simon over the autumn and winter of 2009 to plan the launch of a new business in 2010. We were both painfully aware that so many businesses trading in this field failed to last longer than a couple of years, and neither of us wished this to be our fate, hence our choosing to take professional advice.

I can honestly say that working with Simon has been one of the most incredible gifts to my career to date. Not only is he a gentleman and very easy to work with but his insightful vision is quite remarkable. It was an sobering moment when, on the first day, Simon carefully and calmly demonstrated to us that if we were to continue as we had been doing so to date, that we’d be out of business by March 2010 at the latest. That certainly got our attention!

What Simon then proceeded to do is work with us, guide us and generally help us formulate a rock-solid business plan, as well as help us to shape exactly what sort of business we want to be. His gentle but firm manner is exactly what is needed in situations like this, someone who is so blatantly dedicated to helping us put in place all the machinery necessary to ensure that the chances of our business succeeding are very, very high. Consequently, we start the new year with a new business that is built on rock, not a pipedream built on sand.

On a personal note, I am deeply indebted to Simon for pointing out some home truths to me that made me open my eyes. They say “knowledge is power” – well that makes Simon one of the most powerful people I’ve ever had the good fortune to work with.

Christopher Nicholson
Creative Director

imageshaper was instrumental in helping us succeed during a challenging time for our business, which coincided with a vacancy for the VP of Marketing. We needed to revamp our brand positioning and our website, as well as setting strategic goals for the next period.

Simon created a strategic plan with clear metrics and deliverables, and produced detailed project plans and creative briefs for each strand of the strategy. When our new VP of Marketing joined, Simon helped bring him up to speed and ensured a smooth hand off. As a result, we have a terrific new website and a clear direction for the future.

NETC - Boston 2008

We had an old, stale website that did not communicate our passion for choral music. We wanted to express the fluid motion of music, showcase our concerts and convey the impression of a polished and well-managed organization. imageshaper helped us quickly and effectively develop a professional, sophisticated image for Back Bay Chorale's website.

Simon asked all the right questions and developed a design that helped us stand out in a densely populated market, and yet be true to ourselves. Above all, it delivered significant results in increased sales.

Marketing Director - Back Bay Chorale 2007

2F advises its clients on strategic development and wealth creation opportunities. However, when faced with undertaking its own 3-year strategic review, 2F needed the stimulus of an external facilitator to optimize the outputs. Simon developed a clear understanding of both current and future opportunities, and proved to be an excellent facilitator in this type of review process.

Partner - 2F, 2006

TMI Global was looking to grow its core business. After a process of evaluation, Simon proposed a plan to create a 3-year business and sales strategy. He provided a detailed plan with clear roles and responsibilities that enabled us to dived up the strategy and work together to achieve our objectives.

Simon worked with us in groups and individually to keep us focused. He came into an environment and industry in which he had little experience, and quickly evaluated the situation on a "big picture" level, which enabled him to understand the issues we faced to make the business more successful.

VP Sales - TMI Global, 2005


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