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How we work

Realign the vision
We often start by taking a holistic view as part of the process of realigning your vision. This is a collaborative process of exploration asking a series of questions to make sure you're doing what you want to do, what inspires you, what your customers want, what's profitable ... and fun! Once we have agreed some realistic goals, we devise a plan that will not overwhelm you.

Overcoming blocks
Part of the initial "getting to know you" phase, is to help you remove any old legacies, or road blocks that may have stopped you from achieving your goals and ambitions.

Setting the stage
This is where we agree on: who you are, what you are, and your brand voice. This phase is often highly inspirational, motivational and transforming. You'll feel a renewed sense of inner confidence!

Defining the product or service
We'll choose the right words and images to define your products or services that fits with your business objectives words. This is applied to a variety of online (web based) and offline (print based) marketing materials, which will be seamlessly integrated to solidify your brand, your reputation, and your credibility.

Setting market criteria
As with any business or individual, it's essential to produce marketing materials that are aimed at your desired audience, taking their unique cultural, social and demographic characteristics into account. By understanding your market, we can set the necessary market criteria to maximise the use of your budget, and prevent you from possible pit-falls in the short-term future.

Develop a strategy
Once all the parts are assembled, we develop a strategy that can be implemented at the right pace, for the right budget, one that's fluid and can adapt to market changes.

Transition and build
The final phase is the building phase, where we deliver an integrated communications programme, utlising the most appropriate marketing channels.





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