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imageshaper was instrumental in helping us succeed during a challenging time for our business, which coincided with a vacancy for the VP of Marketing. We needed to revamp our brand positioning and our website, as well as setting strategic goals for the next period.

Simon created a strategic plan with clear metrics and deliverables, and produced detailed project plans and creative briefs for each strand of the strategy. When our new VP of Marketing joined, Simon helped bring him up to speed and ensured a smooth hand off. As a result, we have a terrific new website and a clear direction for the future.

A brand to deliver growth
Client need

The client was seeking to revitalize it's brand all areas of its operations, both offline and online. Facing increasing competition and difficult market conditions, due to economic pressure, they recognised the need to develop a more aggressive marketing and brand strategy, which would be adopted company wide.


To identify the true value of the NETC brand, and develop a consistent integrated communications strategy that was focused on their primary audience. To develop a 5-year strategy that offered a clear differentiator over the competition, and integrate that into all marketing materials, starting off with a new website to significantly increase traffic to the critical tour programme pages.


Having conducted a comprehensive visioning workshop, a 5-year strategy was created to deliver the objectives of senior management. This included:

  • revised brand with new messaging
  • strategy to increase sales per annum
  • new sales and lead generation programmes
  • improved sales tools and collateral
  • new user-centric website created specifically to speak to target audience
  • e-communication strategy, to include
    • monthly e-newsletters (based on topical, relevant content)
    • webinars to initiate relationships
    • online chat
  • marketing xtranet with a repository of brand assets


Having established that the company was selling a quality product, the whole strategy was built on around the theme of "Inspire • Enrich • Educate." The new website was designed to offer as close to a multi-sensory experience as possible, with video, sound fusions to evoke the flavour of countries, as well as words and images to further enhance the essence of the new philosophy of "Quality With Purpose."

At each stage of the project, testing was carried out to ensure we're were speaking to the target audience by creating a series of Persona Profiles.

On completion, as part of the hand-over process, a full written action-orientated strategy document was prepared for the incoming new VP of Marketing, detailed individual objectives for each element of the 5-year strategy.



 New brand strategy,based on:

 Inspire, Enrich, Educate


 New Website Homepage

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