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Back Bay Chorale


website design project


6 weeks

Client Quote

We had an old, stale website that did not accurately communicate our passion for choral music. We wanted to express the fluid motion of music, showcase our programs and convey the impression of a polished and well-managed organization.

imageshaper helped us quickly and effectively develop a professional and sophisticated image for Back Bay Chorale’s website. Simon asked all the right questions and developed a design that helped us stand out in a densely populated market and yet be true to ourselves.

Re-inventing a new web experience
Client need

Back Bay Chorale’s old website was static and lacked any experiential components that evoked the nature of their music and talent. Their creative brief was simple: “Design us a WOW factor website!”


To create an experience that would evoke the fluidity and richness of the music, yet provide a website with a simple content management structure for the frequent changes to programming needs. Designing a website with multiple decision makers can be a challenge in itself, as it becomes an issue of personal preference and style.


Having researched similar organisation's, I wanted to create a solution that reflected the fluid movement of the dynamic and charismatic conductor, which in itself created a challenge in the building process to capture such irregular curves and waves, which I hope emulates the motion. The home page needed to be highly visual to immediately captivate the visitor, and offer a quick "sneak preview" of the forthcoming feature concert.


The curved wave has to be the main feature of this site, along with the bold colour palette and use of vignette images. The other main feature is the calendar section which was designed to make regular content changes as easy as possible for the client.



 Complete home page


 Detail from home page, showing the new

 logotype and creative image treatment

 Note: website has been updated




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