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John Holland


brand & business strategy


8 years

Client Quote

The three essential components I knew I needed to start the whole process of writing a book were; an agent, a stunning book proposal, and an informative visual website. I immediately contacted Simon, who offered a range of services to help me with the branding, marketing and design.

I thought he offered some great tips on writing winning book proposals, designing user-centric websites and how to start working with the media and so much more, so it was a good fit.

He wrote and designed my site and developed a winning business strategy and all the processes for e-marketing and brand consolidation.

As a matter of fact, my publisher wanted all their authors to emulate the style of my marketing!


Success is the greatest testament
Client need

To establish a recognized brand name as an author and speaker. A complete package of organisational processes and procedures to set up a business was required from the initial business strategy to the building of a substantial database and it’s various applications, to a fully integrated digital communications strategy, e-commerce website and event management.


This was a highly unique and unusual challenge! To turn an individual into a highly successful business venture required every skill in my repertoire to be used in every permutation imaginable.


Over the past eight years, we’ve created a brand and systematically strengthened that brand as it’s been applied to:

  • website, including the addition of e-commerce shopping function
  • digital e-marketing initiatives in the form of e-mail blasts
  • workshops and seminar materials, including powerpoint presentations for
    all-day events
  • PR (including writing and production of a full digital media kit)
  • book jacket designs
  • product packaging for CD's and merchandising
  • editing 3 top-selling books

... and so much more! 2 successful book proposals were written, which have led to the publication of four top-selling books.

The approach was one of building a business strategy that would grow organically. Financial management in the form of detailed annual forecasts as well as contract negotiation, and event management were just part of the requirements.


The greatest feature of this project has to be the success story. To take an individual and watch the growth in confidence, stage presence, and entrepreneurial spirit has been the greatest reward from this project. It’s impossible to take one feature that stands out, but if there was one, then it has to be that the product (in this case 'Holland' himself) lives and breathes the brand, reflecting integrity and compassion.




  Jacket designs for "Born Knowing" &

  "Power Of The Soul"


  Detail of powerpoint presentation used

  during interactive workshops


  Detail from home page, showing the new

  logotype and creative image treatment

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