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Seascape Capital Management +

Sound Capital


2 websites


16 weeks



Reinventing the brand
Client need

The client needed two new websites to leverage their businesses and attract a broader client base. They wanted to portray a more contemporary image, with two sites that they could edit and manage themselves.


Devising a brand that emulated their vision, while being attractive to a defined client profile. The brand had to be applied not only to the web, but to key “white paper” documents, various 3rd party templates, as well as corporate ID and stationary, etc.


Working in collaboration with the client and our consultant team, we undertook a “Clarify” session, which revealed information critical to the success of the new website detailing desired features and functionality. Business objectives and performance targets were defined. Target audience and their user-needs were identified. Branding and identity requirements were set (both for online and offline materials), together with a marketing and promotional strategy. A full technology overview was carried out to ensure compatibility with the client’s server, database, and operating system.

Our standard approach was followed, once both projects had been scoped and the Clarify phase completed. We used our own User Definitions Process to create the framework to build a usable and useful website that met the business objectives of the client and the expectations and needs of the user.

Libraries of stock photography were researched and selected. Content templates created to assist the client in the preparation of draft content, which we further fine-tuned and edited. At every stage during the project, action reports were generated to keep the project on-track.


While each website and brand had to have a certain amount of autonomy over each other, yet there had to be a synergy between the two, to build and consolidate an "umbrella" brand strategy. Therefore we created a flexible grid that had key features in similar positions for ease of recognition and use.




  Detail from home page, with creative

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  Detail from home page, showing the new

  logotype and creative image treatment

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