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Starter Kit

Developing a plan

These four packages have been designed as examples of how to combine some of the more popular components into realistic and achievable plans, based on the nature of your business, it's evolution, and your objectives. If you're an author looking to increase your exposure or present a new book proposal, or an artist about to launch a major new show, or a musician launching a solo career – then these packages will help you to prioritize your objectives, and plan out your individual strategies.

Naturally, each package can be tailored to meet your individual needs and objectives or we can prepare a customized proposal from any of the services offered by imageshaper.

Many of the deliverables contain creative briefs, templates and other useful business tools to improve the overall processes and make your business more efficient, and ultimately more profitable.


I asked a few people who have witnessed our talents, and this is
what they said...

“Simon asks compelling questions that allow you get to the heart of what you want to achieve in your business.  He's a brilliant marketing strategist who can take the most esoteric product or service and discover a unique and creative way to let the world know about it.  Whatever Simon says, you should do it.  Then prepare yourself to take a giant step forward!”

Lynn A. Robinson- M.Ed. Author & Speaker


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