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imageshaper's broad understanding of business strategy provides clients with a comprehensive range of marketing and communication services, including websites, e-marketing, and strategic support.

Marketing Communications

  • We define the most effective creative marketing strategy to realise your business objectives, and develop long-term brand value. Learn more >>>
  • We create innovative, integrated customer-focused marketing and communication solutions that build awareness and develop sustainable relationships. See example >>>   
  • We write user centric content that's relevant, topical, to strike the right chord with your target market(s) and key stakeholders to communicate the 'real' value and business proposition. Learn more >>>

Websites and e-Marketing

  • We develop web strategies, based on your business model, your budget, your objectives and your growth strategy. Learn more >>>
  • We create scalable architectures for growth and write content that delivers core messages specific to your target markets. See example >>>
  • We design and build websites, supported by an integrated e-marketing programme.  See example >>>
  • We build in all the social media components to make a truly integrated digital mix. Learn more >>>

Brand Strategy

  • We define your brand and unique personality and competitive attributes, and build those into compelling content and brand definitions. Learn more >>>
  • We create visual communications, including visual ID systems, print collateral, marketing materials, and online communications (websites and e-marketing). See example >>>   
  • We develop brand guidelines that encompass all communication (internal & external) touch points. Brand definitions workshops >>>

Strategic Visioning Workshops

Before we start shaping your future, we'll help you create that all-important strategic plan. This could start with a Strategic Visioning Workshop. No matter how big you are now, or how small you wish to remain, it's important to have a clear plan for your future as well as a clear exit strategy.

  • For individuals or sole traders, that may be as simple as a list of objectives and a defined path to achieve them, along with the financial milestones.
  • For businesses, it can be a more in-depth process of defining your strategic vision, your target markets, the best communication channels, resources required to achieve your goals, culminating in a 3-5 year plan, which may include your exit strategy.

With a well-defined strategic plan, we can decide which combination of our services best suits your needs and budget, and apply an exceptional client-focused brand experience. As we work through the process, we'll not only work closely with you at every step, but we'll help you build some of the essential organisational tools and processes yourself.


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