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Book proposals & creative writing

If you're thinking of writing a book, then we can assist in the preparation of a book proposal, help you write the synopsis, or just brain storm for that all elusive title. We also have professional editors on our team to help you with the final editing before you submit the final manuscript. We have over 20 years of creative writing experience, and appreciate the importance of creating a well thought out, well researched idea. A well-structured proposal can significantly increase your chances of success!

The main components of a proposal should be

  • An introduction which sets out the landscape, why you decided to write the book, what motivated you? It's about positioning yourself ahead of the curve.

  • A synopsis (couple of paragraphs about the book) - most importantly, what makes this a unique book and why people would buy it?

  • It's USP (unique selling proposition). Why should anyone read it, what's the value, what's in it for them? In other words, why it's different!

  • Summary of the market . Quote statistics, audience numbers, which countries is it being written for?

  • Include a sample segment of one of the chapters you've completed.

  • Specification details, such as the size, length, tonality, competition, spin-offs, merchandizing opportunities, etc.

  • Sample table of contents - i.e. your chapter headings. This shows that you've thought the whole book out.

  • Suggestions for a marketing plan . This is where you put as much information and ideas as you can think of, such as, would you be a good guest for breakfast TV shows, radio interviews, book signings, speaking events, etc.

  • About you (the author). Publishers are most interested to see if you've written before, and what you've published. They want to see that you're energetic, and come up with ideas. Are you a good prospect to offer an advance to, are they likely to get their money back, after all it's all about ROI (return on investment).

Secret Underground Bristol - was a joint project to self-publish a historical book.
Born Knowing
worked with author to secure initial publisher relationship.
Psychic Navigator
principal editor for the author and provided creative input.


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