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This is one of the broadest areas of our services, encompassing the development of integrated marketing strategies that link traditional offline media with online e-communications (website, e-zines, social media, etc.) campaigns to gain awareness, as well as the creation of distinctive promotional materials. This is where we have to think outside the box! to ensure there's a seamless link between each aspect of the communication to build brand recognition and awareness.

One of the key components of your communications strategy will be the creation of a multi-sensory experiential web site. It's one thing to have an attractive web site, but it's quite another to create a site that's both useful (strong content) and usable (easy to navigate your way around). Equally, your web site should not just be your brochure online, in other words 'brochureware'.  Learn more >>>

A good website:

  • Should be both useful and usable. This is what's called user-centered design. The result is an effective, compelling, and usable website where you have the right balance between features, functionality, and ease of navigation.
  • Should communicate your core message and content clearly, with credible, original content in as many forms as possible.
  • Should have a high impact, both visually and technically.
  • Should initiate an interactive relationship with the user to encourage them to come back, which makes your site memorable.
  • Should provide valuable, timely information to the user - not a lot of useless data!
  • Should be updated regularly with new content to ensure it's continuously indexed.


For more information on how to create a memorable website >>>


We can build customised packages to suit any of your needs, including:

  • e-shots (email marketing) which be linked into your social media mix, and combined with online advertising, such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and using microsites as a portal to customise your messaging
  • print collateral and direct mail
  • media kits (print based and digital)
  • promotional materials

We believe that it's critical to integrate all your marketing materials with a consistent message that supports your business objectives. Decide early on where you want to initiate the relationship and build your marketing strategy around that communication vehicle.

 If you'd like to talk to us about your marketing requirements >>>

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