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The combined skills for organising and marketing a workshop, seminar, or an event is all about creating the right experience, the appropriate image and pace, as well as ensuring the event is both a logistical and financial success. There’s a real formula to creating a successful event, which delivers a memorable experience. It’s based on listening to your objectives before we develop a time-sensitive action plan. It's about being highly detailed orientated. Finally, it’s all about implementation to minimize any stress during the actual event.

When we organize events and workshops, we draw on over 25 years of experience, and create a unique mix of all our organizational and marketing skills with our secret ingredient – style! We manage the whole process from concept to the final event. This includes venue sourcing and negotiations, staging, and coordination, the design and implementation of a full marketing and promotion programme. Finally, we deliver a spectacular event.

We will work with you to:

  • Select the perfect venue, and negotiate all the details
  • Devise a marketing strategy, supported by:
    • targeted advertising
    • online e-marketing (email marketing, viral web marketing)
  • Make the event a unique and memorable experience
  • Identify potential sponsors where appropriate
  • Develop a blueprint for repeated success

Appearing on stage can be a daunting experience for the first time. We can assist in the preparation of speaker support notes, help in confidence-building rehearsals and other presentation techniques. We'll create the most appropriate speaker support aids to present you in the best light.

On the day!

On the day of the event, we'll be there  to:

  • Ensure the stage set is perfect with all the props on hand.
  • Ensure the front of house is set up to cope with your needs, from product tables, exhibitions, meet & greet areas, etc.
  • Ensure the sound and lighting is set for the right mood.
  • Ensure all the refreshments arrive at the right times.
  • Ensure the support staff are briefed and smart.
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