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As with any business, it's vitally important to capture and store the right information about your prospects and your customers. A good database is a powerful tool that can enhance your existing relationships and forge new ones. Well designed databases should be easy to use, and provide information for you quickly and simply.

We have both technical and business practice expertise in the creative and effective use of databases, including innovative techniques for creating internet-based relationships via personalized websites. We'll build systems for you that make communication faster, easier and more profitable.


I asked a few people who have witnessed our talents, and this is
what they said...

“Simon demonstrated a real talent and ability to organize motivate and manage teams of people. His process orientation, communication skills and attention to detail provided the systematic structure we needed. Simon's accomplishments included; developing a standardized set of marketing materials, a new web site, as well as organizing a marketing and sales process which lead to a number of significant new business wins.”

Previous employer – New Hampshire


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