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Writing a press release that stands a chance of being printed relies on following strict guidelines, but more importantly it's about submitting a story of real interest - in other words, find the Wow! factor. A pitch or hot topic letter is a brief letter, written to accompany your media kit and interview requests. In the first sentence, we'll work with you to try and give the reporter something that will make him/her say either "Wow, I never knew that" or "My readers are going to be fascinated by this story".

Remember, pitch letters serve one purpose ... to pique the reporter's interest in your story. They don't have to tell the whole story. Rather, they are teasers for what's to follow - the real story.

The production of a media kit can appear an easy task, but when it lands on a desk with dozens of others, it can quickly be buried unless it stands out from the crowd. Well thought-out media kits can make a reporters life easier. It can save them time gathering background information.

We specialize in creating

  • Media kits that remain consistent to the brand image.
  • Formatted articles from previous publications.
  • Individual biographies with the right supporting professional photograph.
  • Consistent packaging for all the components of the kit.
  • Well edited tapes/CD's of any TV or radio appearances.

as well as defining the communication process to target your chosen media.

We create materials (including web-based digital media kits) that can be transmitted across any channel and medium.

Simon's Top Tips

Ask yourself why you want media coverage?

Is your story new or fresh?

Is it useful to readers?

Does it have an interesting angle?

Write a clear, concise and effective news release, keeping it simple. Let the facts speak for themselves.

Check deadlines and make sure you submit your materials in time. For events, it's best to send them 3 weeks in advance, for a press conference, about 48 hours before.

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