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Expanding the business

As part of any long-term plan, it's vital to look at ways to expand your product or service offering, through natural organic growth. We can help you assess your strengths and weaknesses, figure out the best and most profitable parts of the business, and develop a plan for expansion.

As part of the initial business planning, we will ask some questions about the future, but this module is all about defining "where you want to be in the future", "what you want to be doing", and "how much of your time you're prepared to devote to it."

Remember, the best source of potential new customers are your old ones. Keep a journal of testimonials for use in new marketing materials. Get referrals from satisfied customers.

Here are a few useful tips

  • Maximize the potential of your existing customers and contacts.
  • Don't make the same mistake twice!
  • Invest in your staff. Keep them up-to-date with technology, and
    business tactics.
  • Do what you're best at doing.
  • Don't set your goals so high, that you don't achieve them.
  • Develop strong operating processes and procedures.
  • Remain in control.

I need help shaping my image to

Solidify & Strengthen Your Brand
Develop Marketing Materials
Broaden Your Business Capacity
Create a Dynamic Website
Improve Your Business Profits
Write a Winning Book Proposal
Gain Valuable Media Exposure

If you firmly believe in what you're doing, nothing will hold you back!
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