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Gaining more media exposure

As part of your total marketing plan, developing a high-impact media kit is an essential part of your marketing toolbox. We will help you promote yourself or your business by preparing well written media communications, such as press releases, bios, synopsis, product fact-sheets, etc.

Before you consider any form of media relations, it's important to ask yourself some basic questions, such as

  • Is your story new or fresh, and is it timely (relevant to today's news)?
  • Is there an unusual twist to it? In other words, does it have appeal?
  • Will it evoke the response you want?
  • Does it have an interesting angle?

It's the angle that makes it appealing to the media. It's the "hook" that will attract attention, and make our job easier. We often try and invite reporters to an event, and offer complimentary tickets with an interview just before the event.

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