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simons top tips  

Be clear on your audience, and the value of the event.

Use the media to market the event – plan well, plan early!

Build an integrated communications plan (web, email, advertising)

Create a total themed experience that leaves a lasting imprint.

Plan for every eventuality –
be highly detailed orientated.

Add a touch of style, but above all have fun!


Seminar and event management

With over 25 years of experience in managing events , seminars, and exhibitions we know all too well that it's all about detail, detail, detail and planning! We can help you by creating the framework for when you need to send your requirement to a 3rd party organizer, or for when you are producing your own event.

Our range of services, includes:

  • Preparation of a master event planning strategy (by function, task, roles
    and responsibilities and timeline)
  • Developing a supporting marketing strategy, with advertising (and sponsorship)
    opportunities and PR
  • Staging (to ensure you make the most of the space so it works for you),
    and co-ordinating support staff
  • Venue selection

We will work with you to:

  • Select the perfect venue, and negotiate all the details
  • Devise a marketing strategy, supported by:
    • targeted advertising
    • online e-marketing (email marketing, viral web marketing)
  • Make the event a unique and memorable experience
  • Identify potential sponsors where appropriate
  • Develop a blueprint for repeated success

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